frame series

The FRAME series combines modern design with outstanding performance. Luxury wood-like finishes are applied to the spa body for rigidity and to resemble traditional built-in hot tubs while still maintaining the portability you know and love from MSpa.



Contemporary Dream


LED Enabled




For OSLO models only.


    Clean water is the most essential foundation of a good hydromassage. Our antibacterial fabric is applied to the inner liners of our spas to enhance the sterilization performance. The fabric releases bactericidal components to reduce the reproduction of bacteria by 99%.
    Our Anti-icing System protects your spa and control box from freezing and damage in frigid temperatures by automatically warming the water to 3°C whenever the water falls to less than 1°C. The system acts as a safety measure when a storm rolls in or the spa is accidentally left in sub-zero conditions.
    For a truly immersive experience, our Air Jets Massage System creates thousands of bubbles from the bottom of the spa to surround you from all angles. Unlike our Hydromassage jets which are limited to 3-4 people, our Air Jets Massage System can be enjoyed by everyone in the tub at once! Our spas feature variable-speed bubble systems so you can adjust the bubble level based on your personal preference.


Say goodbye to the days of reaching over your spa or worse, having to get out of your relaxing soak just to change some settings. Have full control of your MSpa at all times right at your fingertips. Enjoy the easiest operation and usability through our intuitive UI. Easily receive tips, notices, and alarm messages on the go so you’re always in the loop.

2200W PTC

To greatly improve heating performance, we use 2200W PTC heater in the mid to high end range. This heater is not only stronger but also smarter. It can intelligently allocate its power according to the functions that are being activated. When only activate the heater it will run at its full power of 2200W. When the bubble or jet function is on, it will run at a lower power. So even when enjoy the dynamic massage, the water never gets cold.