Technical Specifications

Core Series

Top view of the Athabascan All Weather Pool model

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Outside Dimensions:

86’’ x 46’’ | 218 x 117 cm | 7′ x 4′


30’’ | 75 cm | 3′

Dry Weight:

400 Lbs | 181 Kg

Wet Weight:

1652 Lbs | 749 Kg


Water Capacity:

150 Gallons | 568 Liters


NA / Euro 4000 W

Electrical Requirements North America
(A = actual / B = breaker)

115 Volts / 14 Gauge Wire
1 Pump / A12amp / B15amp

Equipment Location

arcticspas Equipment Location Otter

Dimensioned Drawings

OTTER Drawing


Most Spas Require 44” Clearance to get through gates, between houses and side fences and around corners. 9’-10’ of overhead clearance in order to move the spa into place.

Your New Arctic Spa should be placed on a prepared and uniformly firm surface (Concrete pad, wood deck, patio blocks, gravel pad), not on bare ground.

If you are using 4X4 railroad ties, they should be a maximum of 12-inch centers to properly support the entire underside of your spa.
Balconies and decks should be constructed to meet all builder codes and should be able to support up to exceed 100lbs/square foot. Remember that a gallon of water weighs roughly about 10 lbs

Your Spa can weigh as much a 1000lbs (454kg)