WetTunes Arctic Spas Optional Feature

Sound System

Arctic Spas® integrates comfort with technology with our bluetooth enabled music streaming systems.

All of your music can now stream from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as any Smartphone to your spa – your device can operate from the shelter of your home, or can be safely contained in a waterproof case so your favourites, your playlists and all your content is available within fingertips reach.

If you wish to use other spa-side devices, the system can be configured with a wired connection as well – your older generation iPod, CD and TV audio all can be connected to these systems.

Sound FX

To enhance your hot tubbing experience, all Core Series are available with marine grade stereo systems. Two flush mounted speakers paired with a Bluetooth amp and sub -woofer deliver superior sound quality. Control of your music is provided via wireless Bluetooth signal to your compatible device.

A convenient supplemental control pad is also mounted on the spa side wall.


Take your hot tubbing enjoyment to a new level, all Classic Series tubs are available with the WetTunes™ stereo option with beautiful Poly Planar™ air-rise speakers.

These speakers provide fantastic sound while providing great durability in adverse conditions.

New as well, and mated to these speakers is a powered subwoofer, delivering thumping low-end sound from within our FreeHeat® cabinet.

*Only available on on the Mustang, McKinley, Totem and Eagle.

wettunes and amp

Aquatremor® Stereo System

Boost your experience, all Custom Series are available with the remarkable Aquatremor sound technology. The basis of the Aquatremor stereo system is the use of tactile transducers rather than speakers. These transducers are bonded to the shell and cabinet and drive sound through both solids and liquids with incredible clarity, effectively turning the spa shell, the cabinet and the spa water into the “speaker”.

As the human body is composed primarily of water, the sound waves pass through you as you relax in the water – so not only are you hearing the music – it surrounds you, moves through you and you truly feel it!

Every Arctic Spas® mould design now has a signature Aquatremor® Seat, giving the music lover the most direct connection to the music possible.

Also available with Aquatremor® is our downloadable vibroacoustic massage. These massaging audio tracks use very low frequency tones to massage different muscle groups. It’s a therapy that that needs to be experienced.

audio buffer
audio buffer
Arctic Spas Core Series SFX
Arctic Spas Core Series SFX