Reflex Torsion Hose Arctic Spas Standard Feature

Reflex Torsion Hose

Better hot tub performance, fewer problems

Arctic Spas® is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion Hose in every hot tub and spa.

This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement. Water in the spa hoses can be heavy and this pipe actually swells to absorb stress from the fittings, which guarantees no problems.

Reflex Torsion Hose is clear with a colour-coded strand of PVC running through it. This makes for easy troubleshooting and allows us to see the coloured glue when we water-test each spa at the factory.

arctic spas feature reflex torsion Hose