Western Red Cedar Cabinets Arctic Spas Standard Feature

Western Red Cedar Cabinets

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Nature’s Perfect Building Material Beauty, strength and accessibility are built into every Arctic Spas® cabinet.

We construct each cabinet using kiln-dried, clear, furniture-grade Western Red cedar. This product is uniquely suited for our purpose, it has remarkable ability to thrive in a wide range of temperatures, humidities, and a high resistance to pests. In our design the corners are rounded with tongue-and-groove vertical cedar dadoed into top and bottom 2 x 4 rails.

The sturdiness of our cabinets is incomparable. No sagging, shifting or misalignment will occur. All come with up to eight inset access doors, two on each side, allowing easy service and upgrades to any part of the spa. To finish the cabinet, three coats of a special, protective wood treatment is applied.