Comfort and Hydro-Massage Arctic Spas Standard Feature



Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

As spa seating designs have evolved over the years, at Arctic Spas® we’ve slowly been transitioning to more sculptured, comfortable designs.

Our seats have been meticulously designed to wrap around and support a wide range of body dimensions, with multi-level armrests and adjustable headrests in all the right spots.

Our Shuttle Seats are arguably the most comfortable seats in hot tubs. You will find some models with one as well as some with up to four of these ultimately comfortable locations. You’re guaranteed to find one that fits you perfectly. Enjoy reading?

These shuttle seats have multiple levels of raised armrests that provide the perfect rest to hold your book or tablet above the water level without tiring. Within these sculpted seats we’ve taken great effort to position our jets to provide the best massage possible.

All seats will be slightly different to provide a unique massage in each chair.

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