Adjustable Headrests Arctic Spas Standard Feature

Adjustable Headrests


After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, we believe we’ve finally come up with the ultimate pillow design.

Our new telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers. The pivoting mechanism also cradles the neck to maximize the comfort. The pillows are still removable for cleaning but will never be found floating around the spa.

Finally, we’ve changed the product the pillows are made from. Most pillows are made from a polyurethane foam. These pillows absorb water and can deteriorate quite quickly in a hot tub environment. Our new pillow is made of a rubber like material called EVA.

This material (used for CROC™ shoes) unlike PU foam, does not absorb water or deteriorate rapidly.

Arctic Spas Headrest
Arctic Spas Headrest
Arctic Spas Headrest