High Efficiency Aquaflow Pumps Arctic Spas Standard Feature



aquaflow pump graphchart

Better Engineering always results in Better Performance and Efficiency.

When sourcing the ultimate motor for a hot tub, two factors stand in the forefront for consideration. Water flow and efficiency. We want great water flow to provide the best massage possible when pumps are on high speed. We also are concerned about water flow on low speed or when the tub is filtering.

Higher flow rates during filtration do a much better job of pulling contaminants into the filter media. On the other hand we want to do this while consuming the least amount of power. Our R&D department solved both issues by sourcing out new High Efficiency Pumps. These pumps draw minimal amperage yet produce an extremely high volume of water flow.

This is especially important on our filtration cycles.These pumps have a low speed amp draw that rivals a circulation pump but still move approximately 50 gal/min through the filters during filtration. And on high speed they accomplish the same thing; better flow with lower power consumption. Keep in mind, higher horsepower does not always equate to better performance.

It always comes back to engineering. And in every Arctic Spas® we attach our motors using a specially designed vibration dampening mounting bracket that keeps them running whisper quiet.